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Outdoor exhibition area

In Expograd ECC there are several open air areas used for organizing outdoor exhibitions:

  1. Exhibition area №1:
              a. Location: on the right of the main entrance.
              b. Total area: 15 000 sq. m.
              c. Floor covering: asphalt 
              d. Access to the area: directly from the parking place.

      2. Exhibition area №2:
               a. Location: between the exhibition pavilions.
               b. Total area: 5 800 sq. m.
               c. Floor covering: asphalt.
               d. Access to the area: through the ECC entrance group. 

The parking territory of Expograd ECC can also be partially used for organizing exhibitions. For more detailed information please contact the managing company office.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. The telephone number is +7 (861) 992-28-85.

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